Panjshir Valley

If you read the FAQs post you know that my camera got stolen with most of my pictures on it. I did have some other pictures on a separate memory card though and my friend just lent me his cardreader so here they are.

These pictures are all from one of the last days of my trip when we drove outside of Kabul to the Panshir Valley.

This is the Panjshir River. The Panjshir valley translates to 5 Lions, and refers to a family from there than had 5 brothers.

We stopped to eat kebabs at a restaurant by the river. I stuck my hand in the water, it was…not warm. In early March the snow was just starting to melt.

This valley is famous for being the birthplace of Ahmad Shah Massoud – an Afghan hero in these parts. This village had his picture on their bridge.

We were relieved when our tour guide told us that it was duck season and the men we kept seeing with rifles were just duckhunters.

From Massoud’s tomb you can see the Panshir valley. The crops were just starting to come in, I’m sure now it’s very green.

These are some pictures of the monument and the tomb where Massoud is buried.




You can see they were doing some construction to build a museum and a new parking lot.

These are some views from the top of the hill.20120412-144805.jpg