Two weeks without a post. Sry reader(s), I went out of town and then had to catch up on work. I have a couple longer blogposts coming, but in the meantime, you can:

Read this Bad Machinery Story
Listen to this Chicks with Hits Mix
Do any number of other things, I’m going to bed.

“I want to believe,”–the mantra that Fox Mulder has pinned to his office wall in The X-Files–applies in different ways to these two companies; Mac partisans want to believe in the image of Apple purveyed in … ads, and in the notion that Macs are somehow fundamentally different from other computers, while Windows people want to believe that they are getting something for their money, engaging in a respectable business transaction.

Neal Stephenson, from In the Beginning was the Command Line, as true today as it was 13 years ago.

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