IMMEDIATE ACTION: California Correctional Health Care Services and San Quentin


San Quentin

California Correctional Health Care Services ,

CA Governor Newsom

Sample email:

San Quentin and CCHCS would rather have not have nurses than have teleworking Nurses. 

San Quentin has ordered a number of high risk nurses, who have been successfully and diligently working remotely, to report to San Quentin on Monday, 7/6. San Quentin is currently experiencing an outbreak of over 1300 COVID-19 cases

Essentially they are forcing nurses ready, willing and able to telework, to choose their job over health and family safety. 

Repeat. Ready, willing and able to continue to work remotely, but essentially, Nursing management is forcing them to go out on disability or sick leave. 

This is a further example of irresponsible decision making collectively by the SQ, Regional and Statewide Chief Nurse Executives working for the receivers office. They join Kelso’s ongoing incompetent responses to the COVID crisis. While the CEO, as hiring authority, could override these bad choices, he passively signs off.

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