A Wealth

This morning I woke up from a terrifying nightmare where someone kept trying to read my journals, it was awful. It didn’t take much for me to realize it has something to do with some blogposts I had been planning for today, one more political and one more personal than usual. The personal one I have amended and posted below, and the more political one about the Afghan war I will post soon.

I can’t stop thinking about the visceral feeling of disgust and disdain. They way scorn feels in your body, to be embarrassed or ashamed to even be near something. Lately I have been shown some disgusting parts of my own self. The idea that I have incited this same feeling of revulsion in someone else is truly sad and terrifying. But mostly it’s the emptiest feeling in the world to know that your secrets are out, everyone knew them the whole time, and that some of the ideas you’ve been fighting against were right all along.

But here’s the thing, I have the smartest, most talented and awesome friends in the world. Today I want to celebrate some of the creative achievements of my friends:
A Chapter from Lily’s Book
I’mRevolting’s Revolutionary Collection of Feminist Things
A Travel Video from Jiffles
James’ Geologist Cover Band
My favorite song from Cindy’s new EP
Nat’s Muckraking Journalism (Maybe he can tell me why it was taken down from the New York Daily News?)

If you want me to I’ll take your link down that’s cool, but keep in mind that you guys are the only ones who read this so…

P.s. A bunch of buddies involved in C.A.M.P.

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