10 posts

Congratulations to me! I’ve lasted for 10 posts! I once read an article about all the blog posts that begin with ‘sorry it’s been so long since my last post.’ I’m going to take a second to pat myself on the back for 10 weeks of consistent blogging. In the past 10 weeks (in chronological order):
-I was burgled
-I lost touch with a friend (z) and found an old one (a)
-I celebrated 3 winter holidays with my family in unconventional ways
-I came close to solving a lifelong ailment
-I was generally preoccupied with the failings of others (punctuality, decency, and reciprocation)
-I started an online Java course (learned about bits and bytes)
-I was laid off
-I participated in an anti-SOPA protest (using this very site)
-I endured

In the next 10 weeks I will finish my application, watch my brother graduate, visit Afghanistan (after 8 years of thwarted efforts), apply for work and unemployment, and I will finish my course and start another. I may have a new roommate, I may finish my book, I hope to fix some bugs on the blog and successfully plunge myself into the future.
Here’s to 10 more weeks.

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