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“We fill pre-existing forms and when we fill them we changed them and are changed.”
-Frank Bidart in The Pale King

Cheers to me for 3 more months of blogging! I’ve been caught up in an intimidating mess of bureaucratic red tape lately and so I think it’s important to look at the bigger picture to see what I’ve accomplished, feel grateful for what I have and also to write down facts for the record, so in the past couple months (in chronological order):

-I went to Afghanistan
-I got into Mills for Computer Science
-My house was burgled again
-I saw a psychic astrologer
-I finished my online Java course
-I cooked my first roast chicken
-I began a new treatment for a chronic illness
-celebrated one full year in our wonderful house
-I changed and was changed

In the next 3 months I hope to take some more pre-requisites, do some more cooking, catch up with some old friends, and once again successfully plunge myself into the future.
Here’s to 3 more months.

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